“Boring” Training That Hits the Spot

Water well drilling volunteers only spend a week or two in the field, so it’s helpful for them to learn the proper drilling techniques before leaving for the trip. That’s why Little Beaver and our partner organizations provide in-depth training options to equip volunteers with the skills they need to be successful with Lone Star Drills.

Training starts with a half-day session at the Lone Star Drills warehouse in Livingston, Texas. Volunteers receive hands-on learning about the hydraulic drill rig.

“We strongly believe in training the volunteers who are going to be using the drills,” said Little Beaver President Joe Haynes. “That’s why we offer this service as a courtesy to every group that purchases a water well drill.”

Little Beaver also provides several short operational videos so you can view them from the convenience of your own home. Topics include: “Establishing a Drill Team”; “Jobsite Preparation”; “Water Well Drilling”; “Preventative Maintenance” and “Troubleshooting.”

Comprehensive training is available through Living Water International. Training length and costs vary by session.

Living Water International holds drill camps in Houston and Marion, North Carolina. The Houston sessions include: shallow well drill training, hygiene and sanitation training and operation, and maintenance/pump repair training. Marion sessions are: well drilling, pumping water and biosand water filter sessions. Obtain more information on camp dates, availability and registration information from Living Water International.

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