Water Well Drill Training

Lone Star Drills Training Program

Lone Star Drills is committed to making your mission a success, and there are a variety of resources available when it comes to training with our drills.

When you buy a drill, you can take advantage of our half-day training session. It will help you familiarize with the equipment, see the sequence of procedures and learn how to properly set up and use it.

You can also learn more about operating the drill by viewing the series of videos below.

Our partner organizations also offer training on our drills. You can see more information about the training they offer on their websites, or you can contact the organization directly if you have questions on their training.

Finally, as always, you can contact us with questions about our drills and training any time.

Partner Training Programs

Training on Lone Star Drills is also available through our partner organizations. Costs may vary.

Equip International – 828.738.3891

Operational Videos

Establishing a Drill Team

Before you begin water well drilling, establish a drill team with specific roles and tasks for each individual.

Jobsite Preperation

Preparing the jobsite is essential before water well drilling; let Lone Star Drills show you how to do it efficiently.

Water Well Drilling

Lone Star Drills shows you how to properly drill a water well with the LST1+.

Preventative Maintenance

Lone Star Drills shows you how to keep your LST1+ performing at its best with simple preventative maintenance tips.


You may encounter issues while water well drilling for a variety of reasons. Tackle them with these helpful tips on troubleshooting with the LST1+.