LS400T+ Water Well Drill

The LS400T+ is the largest in the Lone Star line, boasting a 400-foot drilling depth. The drill’s hydraulic system features pull-back force of up to 15,000-pounds and push-down force up to 9,000-pounds for getting through dense rock formations. A three-way ball valve enables the operator to quickly bypass mudflow when adding pipe. It easily adapts to down-the-hole hammer drilling and offers an optional foam injection/lubricator. The LS400T+ ships fully assembled in a 20-foot container.

  • Drilling Depth: 400 ft (122 m)
  • Borehole Diameter: 6 in (15 cm)
  • Pull/Push-Back Force: 15,000 lbs/9,000 lbs (6.7 tons/4.02 tons)
  • Soil Types: Sand, clay and soft and hard rock formations
  • Applications: Water well drilling

Drill Rig Package Includes

  • Mud pump
  • 3,000-psi hydraulic system
  • Three 2-inch-diameter mud hoses (one 10-foot suction and two 12-foot discharge/bypass)
  • 300 feet of 2-inch internal diameter Mayhew Jr. Drill Pipe with breakout lugs
  • Easy-to-maintain super swivel mounts above the rotary
  • Rineer hydraulic rotary with hydraulic break out
  • Casing flush tool
  • Bailer and rope
  • Toolbox and spare parts

Bits & Reamers

  • 4- and 6-inch step drag bits
  • 4-, 6- and 7-inch reamers


  • Tandem axle with 400-pound tongue weight
  • 12,000-pound rating
  • 16-inch wheel and tire assembly with load range “E” tires
  • Choice of ball hitch or pintle ring
  • Three leveling jacks
  • Spare tire

Optional Components

  • Anchor kit
  • Down-the-hole hammer package
  • Roller cone bits
  • Drill collars



Drilling Depth

Borehole Diameter

Pull/Push-Back Force

Operating Weight

Max Drilling Torque


Hydraulic Power Source

Fuel Tank Capacity

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Reservoir

Mud Pump

Max Head

Max Flow





400 ft (121.3 m)

6 in (15 cm)

15,000 lbs (6.7 tons)/9,000 lbs (4.02 tons)

7,800 lbs (3.54 tons)

1,030 ft-lbs (1,39 N-m)

0-125 variable rpm

60-hp (44.74 kW) Perkins 404D-22T diesel

22 gal (83.3 L)

Primary - 14 gpm (53 L/m) at 3,000 psi / Secondary - 10 gpm (37.9 L/m) at 3,000 psi

30 gal (113.5 L)

10-hp (7.5 kW) diesel or 13-hp (9.7 kW) Honda gasoline

190 ft (58 m)

200 gpm (757 L/m)

2 in (5.08 cm)

Heavy-duty welded steel