LS400T+ Now Features Diesel Engine Option

Little Beaver introduces a diesel-powered Lone Star LS400T+ drill rig for water well and geothermal drilling in areas where diesel fuel is more available than gasoline. The Perkins diesel engine is a new option for the heavy-duty LS400T+ rig, which Little Beaver introduced to the Lone Star drill line in 2014. Because it’s the heaviest rig in the fleet, drillers more effectively and efficiently power through the toughest soils, including lava and solid rock formations.

Little Beaver built the LS400T+ water well drilling rig to respond to the need for a more rugged, heavier drill and it’s become a very popular unit throughout the world,” said Joe Haynes, Little Beaver president. “Recently, we’ve received increased requests for a diesel engine option and we’re proud to fill that need.”

The new option features a turbocharged, 50-horsepower Perkins diesel engine that powers the drill with a maximum speed of 2,800 rpm, and requires basic servicing after 500 hours of operation. It features a 22-gallon fuel tank and consumes about three gallons of diesel fuel per hour, which is 30 to 40 percent more efficient than gasoline.

LS400T+ water well drilling rig with diesel option

The 50-horsepower Perkins diesel engine powers Little Beaver’s LS400T+ drill rig at a maximum speed of 2,800 rpm. The compact engine holds 22-gallons of fuel and uses three gph for extended use in the field.

Like the rest of the Lone Star Drill product line, Little Beaver builds the LS400T+ to withstand challenging drilling environments. The LS400T+ offers 15,000 pounds of pullback force, three times more than the next biggest model. And with a weight of 7,700 pounds and a push-down force of 9,000 pounds, it’s a sturdy, powerful and robust drill that can dig to depths of 400 feet, nearly 100 feet deeper than the next largest model. The drill’s weight helps to stabilize the drill, requiring less anchoring than lighter drills.

Despite being heavier, the LS400T+ can be towed with the same vehicles that drill teams use to haul smaller drill rigs. The trailer features surge brakes, three hand jacks for leveling and can be fitted with either a pintle ring or ball hitch. It also features a Gorman-Rupp 82H52 2×2 mud pump with three-way ball valves and dual 10-foot suction hoses. The pump is powered by a Kohler KD420 diesel engine.

The LS400T+ accommodates 10-foot drill pipe, which means drill teams can quickly reach target depths and start the next phase of the project, whether it’s digging a well, installing a geothermal heating system or sampling soils. Little Beaver also added features to make pipe management easier. “We paired the 10-foot drill pipes with an automatic breakout to streamline the drilling process, and with the 300-foot pipe rack capacity, teams can easily transport their drill pipe to drilling locations,” Haynes said. “A lot of rigs don’t offer that benefit.”