Soil Sampling Drills

Knowing the quality of the soil is essential for reducing the risk of working with unstable or unhealthy soil. Whether determining the best location for a water well or building infrastructure, soil sampling equipment from Lone Star Drills offers efficiency, precision and accuracy, even in the most remote locations.

Lone Star Soil Sampling Drills

LST1A+ Trailer Mounted Soil Sampling

LST1A+ / LST1A+HD Soil Sampling Drill

This fully hydraulic drill is mounted on a single-axle trailer and features an auger head drive that makes it well-suited for drilling holes to examine soil cuttings.

LST1G+ Soil Sampling Drill

LST1G+ Soil Sampling Drill

This drill includes a tower, cathead, pulley and rope to facilitate standard penetration testing with a 140-pound manual safety hammer.

LST1G+HD Soil Sampling Drill

LST1G+HD Soil Sampling Drill

The drill has a planetary reduction gearbox for up to 1,100 foot-pounds of torque and increased pull-back/push force to tackle challenging soils.

LST1G+HDA Trailer Mounted Soil Sampling

LST1G+HDA Soil Sampling Drill

This geotechnical drill rig can be trailer or truck mounted. The automatic hammer ensures easy operation and is paired with a hydraulic winch with 1,500 pounds of pull for raising the hammer and sampling string.

LSTG+HDA Track Mounted Soil Sampling Drill

LSGT+HDA Soil Sampling Drill

This remote-controlled, track-mounted geotechnical drill comes standard with the 140-pound automatic hammer paired with a hydraulic winch to ensure accurate sampling and easy operation for raising the hammer and sampling string.

Lone Star Drills ssk1 cathead kit

Soil Sampling Accessories

Accurate and efficient soil sampling doesn’t need to be cumbersome or costly. Lone Star Drills and Little Beaver offers a full line of soil testing equipment and accessories designed to put the control back in your hands.

Little Beaver Soil Sampling Drills

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Big Beaver soil sampling earth drill

Big Beaver Earth Drill

The Big Beaver Earth Drill and SSK-1 cathead kit make a great combination for environmental soil sampling.

Hydraulic soil sampling earth drill

Hydraulic Soil Sampling Earth Drill

An 11-horsepower hydraulic earth drill paired with a tripod kit provides the ultimate portability and value in soil sampling.