Mechanical Portable Water Well Drills

Featuring our original field-proven drill design, the Mechanical series is the heart of the Lone Star line. This line provides the power and versatility needed to tackle almost any well water project. These economically priced, mid-range units can reliably drill a 6-inch borehole from 100 to 200 feet in a variety of soil types – including sandy, clay and loamy soils. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, they are ideal for less experienced drilling crews. Additionally, all models break down for easy transport and can be crated for shipping.

LS100 Portable Mechanical Water Well Drill

LS100 Mechanical Water Well Drill

Reliable, easy to operate and economically priced. This is the perfect rig for DIYers or for water well drilling in developing countries.

LS200D Diesel portable water well drill

LS200 Mechanical Water Well Drill

All the user-friendly features of the LS100, but capable of reaching depths of 200 feet in clay and sandy soil.