Hydraulic Portable Water Well Drills

Available in two configurations, each with an option for added power, the Hydraulic drills provide expanded power and drilling depth to the Lone Star line. Capable of drilling a 6-inch borehole to depths ranging from 200 to 300 feet, the hydraulic drills perform well in a variety of soil conditions including sand, clay and rock. The more powerful LS200H+ and LS300H+ feature a heavy-duty swivel and anchor option for pushing in rugged rock formations. Like the Mechanical units, all models break down for easy transport and can be crated for shipping.

LS200H Portable Hydraulic Water Well Drill

LS200H Hydraulic Water Well Drill

Our smallest hydraulic-powered rig still boasts 5,000 pounds of pullback/pushdown force, providing the extra power needed to get through soft rock formations.

LS200H+ Portable Hydraulic Water Well Drill

LS200H+ Hydraulic Water Well Drill

The same operator experience as our LS200H, but with a more robust engine and a beefed up hydraulic system to power through even hard rock formations.

LS300H Portable Hydraulic Water Well Drill

LS300H Hydraulic Water Well Drill

Reach depths of up to 300 feet thanks to a powerful 13-horsepower mud pump and a heavy-duty welded steel frame that offers added durability.

LS300H+ Portable Hydraulic Water Well Drill

LS300H+ Hydraulic Water Well Drill

The big brother of our LS300H and the most powerful of our hydraulic line. Take on the most demanding jobs without sacrificing portability.