Drill Crews Persevere Under Pressure with Lone Star Drills Water Well Drill Kit

Tick-tock. Countdown begins the minute volunteers board the plane for water well drilling missions. With limited time to impact the lives of thousands of people in underdeveloped countries, crews need ready access to tools and parts for the unexpected. That’s where the Lone Star Drills Missionary Kit comes into the picture. Missionary Water Well Drill Kits include: a 4-inch casing flush tool, 4-inch casing slips, a 3/8-inch hollow braid rope, hoist bracket bailer tripod assemblies, a PVC bailer, hard hats and a tool box with pipe joint compound, a grease gun, wrenches and miscellaneous nuts and bolts.

The Missionary Kit is your go-to hardware store in remote areas where basic supplies are scarce. The nearest shop might be days away once the crew is on location, causing downtime to multiply while crews wait for replacement parts. Our goal is to keep your crew drilling by providing all supplies necessary for impromptu adjustments and repairs.

Time is everything when drilling a well. Ensure you don’t get stalled in the field by adding a water well drill kit to your drill order, or replenishing your existing supplies. Contact us for any questions.