The LST1A+: The Geotechnical Clydesdale

Little Beaver’s Lone Star LST1LST1A+ Trailer Mounted Soil SamplingA+ Geotechnical Drill is a workhorse for geothermal workers, well drillers and soil samplers. It’s capable of drilling a 6-inch-diameter borehole as deep as 100 feet through sand, clay and hard rock formations. Other advantages include:·

  • An SSK1 soil sampling kit allows workers to complete standard penetration tests and can be used with Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound safety hammer, split spoon samplers and AWJ drilling rod.
  • Optional interchangeable head allows users to switch from auger to water well drilling.
  • Multiple mounting options allow you to install the LST1A+ on a rugged, lightweight, single-axle trailer or on the back of a small truck or flatbed using specially designed frames.
  • A 5,000-pound lifting capacity makes it easy to remove the soil-covered auger and extensions from the borehole.
  • A 20-horsepower Honda gas engine generates the power for the LST1A+.
  • A 3,000-psi hydraulic system reaches a 150-rpm rotary speed that can quickly bore through challenging soils.