Drilling Solutions to Meet Your Mission

As simple as it may sound to put a hole in the ground, water well drilling is a complex process that demands much more than just a drill to be done efficiently. Having the proper drilling equipment that ticks off all the necessary boxes for productivity will set you up to get the job done right.

All-terrain Versatility

From sandy landscapes to clay and hard rock formations, wells must be drilled all over the globe. For example, our hydraulic series drills provides the torque needed to drill 6-inch boreholes ranging from 200 to 300 feet deep, and they can be fitted with exactly the right blade for whatever materials you encounter on the way down.

Lifewater Canada Water Well ProjectJim Gehrels was the founder of Lifewater Canada, a Christian charity organization that builds clean water infrastructure for impoverished people in the third world. He explained that Lone Star Drills has been essential to fulfilling this mission.

“Lone Star Dills has gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that we have everything we need to use the machines effectively. This is a critical factor when drilling in extreme conditions far from home,” Gehrels said.

Maximum Maneuverability

The ability to use drilling equipment in diverse terrain is a moot point if you can’t move it around. No two drilling missions are the same, but mobility is always important. Our models range from being light enough to carry by hand — like the mechanical LS100 — to models that can be hauled with an ATV such as the LST1G+, on up to our trailer-mounted towable drills like the LS300T+ Water Well Drill.

Tools used in mission work must be manufactured with ease-of-use in mind. Lone Star Drills offers familiarization sessions at our factory to ensure you feel comfortable and safe using your new drilling equipment. Multiple organizations offer additional training with the LS100 and LS200 drills. Such groups include Equip International and Lifewater International.

Missionary kit

Across the Board Accessories

A complete drilling solution extends beyond the drilling rig itself. Lone Star Drills equips teams with mud pumps, hydraulic power units and other essential accessories, including drill bits and pipe. For example, our missionary package includes a toolbox to equip field workers with everything they need for water well drilling.

Service that Doesn’t Stop

As with any product, issues may arise for a variety of reasons. We recognize that minimizing downtime is essential to keeping your operation sustainable. That’s why our website contains quick answers to some of the most common troubleshooting and operation queries. They include questions such as, “What diameter bore hole do I need?” or, “I was drilling and the water level in the pits suddenly dropped. What should I do?”

Additionally, our customer service representatives are accessible by phone whenever you need them. Whether it’s an unusual drilling problem or sudden need for a replacement part — nothing beats the ability to contact us anytime, anywhere. Lone Star Drills puts in the extra mile to offer unmatched customer support so you can keep on drilling.