Pack Your Bags… With Great Equipment and the Right Expectations

Organizing a mission trip takes more effort than packing a bag and showing up to the airport on time. In addition to personal items, mission volunteers need to bring the right equipment and expectations to have a successful journey. And the best way to prepare is to go through our mobilization checklist.nicaragua

Water-well project sites are in remote areas of the world; there isn’t a hardware store just around the corner where you can pick up extra tools or equipment. In addition to the drilling tools, you’re going to need things like a rig builder’s hatchet, long-handle round-point shovels, four 55-gallon drums for water, 24-inch bolt cutters and a roll of reinforced-steel tie wire, to name just a few.

It’s important to be familiar with the area you’ll be working in; get a handle on the weather forecast and keep past seasonal conditions in mind. You don’t want to be stuck without rain gear when you need it. And it’s always a good idea to have insect repellent handy to deter disease-carrying bugs. Also, it’s likely the communities you’re headed to will have little or no access to amenities many of us take for granted, such as electricity. That means your tablet, e-reader, laptop and other electronic items will be no more than extra weight.

With a little time and forethought, you can pack the right equipment and expectations, to make your mission a success story worth telling.