Find the Right Water Well Drill for Remote Drilling

Finding the right water well drill is an important part of planning for any job. When drilling in remote locations with rough terrain, the LST1 from Lone Star Drills offers precise control for efficient drilling. For JF Well Works Africa founder John Foley, the LST1 water well drill has been the right choice.

Using a Water Well DrillWith his background in construction management, Foley’s leadership and problem-solving skills led him to drilling wells in the African country of Uganda. “Most people in Uganda are farming or working in the agricultural sector for a living, and according to USAID, only 32% have access to a basic water supply,” Foley said. “Without access to clean water, Ugandans are sacrificing hours of their day that could be put toward farming to walk for miles with a 5-gallon bucket, just to get enough water for the day.”

Before Foley could start drilling water wells in Uganda, he needed to find the right drill for the job. Through a simple online search, he came across the LST1 water well drill from Lone Star Drills. The affordable price and easy transport with a four-wheel drive pickup convinced Foley to give it a try. As he used the water well drill, Foley discovered it not only provided easy portability, it also exceeded his expectations when it came to reliability.

“The LST1 water well drill helped us get started back in 2018 and has become an indispensable tool with its dependability,” Foley said. “It drilled 220 wells perfectly and has been very simple and easy to work on as we’ve done maintenance and updates.”

Mounted on a rugged, yet lightweight single-axle trailer, the Lone Star LST1 drill can easily be pulled behind a UTV or small pickup truck, making it ideal for remote locations and rough terrain. Additionally, the heavy-duty 6- by 3-foot mast can be quickly and easily folded down for further convenience and safe transport. The LST1 features a drilling depth of up to 300 feet, and the combination of a powerful engine and mud pump ensure the unit operates at optimum speed and efficiency.

Foley and his team use the LST1 water well drill for drilling shallow wells and have been impressed by how much of an asset it has been for their productivity.Water Well Drilling Kit

“We typically work on 10-15 water wells at a time,” Foley said. “The LST1 has a robust hydraulic system that generates up to 5,000 pounds of force which allows us to be as efficient as possible. Since we’re mostly working with clay and gravelly soil until we hit bedrock at 55-60 feet, having such a powerful portable drill allows the team to efficiently drill a new water well in just 4-6 hours without experiencing fatigue.”

After three years and 220 wells drilled with the LST1, Foley decided to refurbish the drill to keep it in mint condition for optimal performance for future projects.

“Lone Star Drills has been a great help for us as we work to keep our LST1 drill in top shape,” said Foley. “I asked them to put together a list of anything that would wear out like chains, sprockets and grease nipples. They got back to me right away and we were able to do the maintenance ourselves because the drill was so easy to work on.”

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