Take it to the Team

The Basic Members for Drilling Missions

Many say the hardest part of a drilling mission is getting started and selecting the right crew. That’s why the Lone Star team has put together some information to get you going. Below are the most basic members you’ll need for a drilling team, along with their specific tasks and functions.


This is the head honcho on the project. The foreman’s duties include overseeing the jobsite, taking care of the paperwork and ensuring all mobilization supplies, like buckets and fuel, are at the site and ready for use. The foreman focuses on the big picture, from communicating responsibilities to team members and how to work together efficiently, to double-checking the packing list, to overseeing every stage of the job.

Lead Driller

This is where experience really matters. The lead driller needs to be well versed in all drill operations and is the go-to resource for questions on specific drilling tasks. This person helps with training and managing drilling tasks, monitoring water circulation, evaluating the mud and guiding the crew.

To learn more about the LST1+ (pictured above), watch our five-part video series on its operation.

To learn more about the LST1+ (pictured above), watch our five-part video series on its operation.

Assistant Driller

Lead drillers have the experience, but they can’t do everything. That’s where the assistant driller comes in. The assistant driller provides proactive support during drilling and ensures smooth operation from start to finish. This team member’s responsibilities include everything from set up and jobsite preparation to monitoring drilling practices.


This position may not require as much experience as the others, but is just as essential. The helper often works alongside local workers and supervises them in pit digging, water gathering, shoveling cuttings from the well area and keeping the strainer clean. Just like local workers, the helper follows directions and ensures the job is done right. In some circumstances, the helper is the one giving directions.

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