4 Support Systems to Look for in a Water Well Drill Manufacturer

Trust takes years to build and only seconds to lose. This applies to many aspects of life, including when it comes to choosing a water well drill for your business or organization. A reputable manufacturer will stand behind their product because they understand the value of providing resources to support customers if they encounter a problem while drilling. If you’re wondering what services and support to look for in a water well drill manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Here are four offerings to consider.

1. Technical support

Borehole Water Well Drill Support

The last situation a drill crew needs is a project standstill from a lack of technical support. Manufacturers that offer resources like videos and FAQs on their website along with detailed manuals and the ability to speak with someone directly when addressing challenges will be dedicated partners no matter where you are drilling.

2. Training Sessions

Finding a manufacturer that offers training sessions for operators to gain familiarity with the equipment is a sure way to prevent frustration and downtime in the future. Some manufacturers go so far as to offer live training sessions so operators can get hands-on experience with the equipment and ask any questions before beginning their project.

For example, with the purchase of a drill from Lone Star Drills, you can take advantage of our half- or full-day training sessions directly through us or with a partner organization near you. It will help you familiarize yourself with the equipment, see the sequence of procedures and learn how to properly set the drill up and use it. For more information about our training sessions and partner organizations, please contact us.

3. Parts & Service

Additionally, remember even quality drills require maintenance. To make maintenance as easy as possible, make sure to work with a manufacturer that will be around for the long haul to provide parts and service support. To shorten downtime, ensure the manufacturer keeps replacement parts in stock and offers expedited delivery options for parts needed at a moment’s notice. At Lone Star Drills, we offer a list of common wear components and replacement parts to keep on hand for emergencies. The design of the water well drill can also make maintenance less of a hassle. Look for drills with easily accessible maintenance and greasing points to minimize downtime.

4. Warranty

Finally, take a close look at the manufacturer’s warranty. One of the best ways to determine a manufacturer’s confidence in its products, and its commitment to service and support, is by reviewing its warranty policies. With the purchase of a Lone Star Drill, you also get a full warranty from a company that will stand behind it. Lone Star Drills will provide the advice and support you need both before and after the sale.

Once you’ve made these considerations, start crunching the numbers. Given the work location and future plans for the drill, determine if saving a few dollars today will pay off in the long run. But remember, getting the most drill for the dollar goes beyond the initial price tag.