8 Ways to Make a Splash on World Water Day

According to the United Nations, 780 million people do not have access to clean water and nearly 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.

That’s just one key reason why World Water Day takes place each year. The U.N. uses the day to focus “attention on the importance of fresh water while advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.“

We’ve drilled up 8 ways to take part in this internationally recognized date, so pour a tall glass of water, read through the list, and then make your plan!

1. Soak up the Issue

Understanding the problem is the first step in taking part in World Water Day. The United Nations offers a wealth of tips, stats and information on water around the world on its World Water Day web page.

2. Join the Movers and Shakers

There are a lot of options for making a move on World Water Day:

  • Take part in walks, runs and other sporting activities, such as these Walk for Water events
  • Join a group trip to a local river, lake or reservoir
  • No event in your area? Start one!

3. Be a Conservation Connoisseur

  • Take a short shower instead of a bath.
  • Reuse towels and clothes instead of tossing them in the wash after one use.
  • Bathe your pets outdoors on areas of lawn that you would end up watering anyway.
  • Take it further with 100+ ways you can conserve water.

4. Donate Money

Consider contributing to organizations working to bring clean water to those in need around the globe.

5. Donate a DrillLone Star Drills mobile Kit

Provide the resources needed to obtain fresh, clean water. Reliable and rugged Lone Star Drills are designed to make drilling simple. The machines are easily portable yet provide impressive torque and performance in a variety of terrain. Contact an organization that works on water well drilling missions and ask them about donating a Lone Star Drill.

6. Raise Your Voice

Tell your kids and grandkids about World Water Day. Talk to your neighbors. Mention it to the guy at the gas station. Tell everyone! The more people working to bring a solution to the world’s water issues, the closer we can get to the actual solution.

7. Learn the Tools of the Trade

For a more hands-on approach, embark on a drilling mission in an area that needs water. Have no experience? Groups such as Living Water International and Life Water Canada provide the necessary training to get you ready for the job.

8. Plan Ahead

Like Lone Star Drills on Facebook, follow us on LinkedIn, watch us on YouTube and surf through our blog to stay updated. Lone Star Drills bring fresh, clean water to those who need it most. We also provide useful tips for how to get the most out of drilling missions, such as this blog and video on how to assemble a drill team. Think of how much you could accomplish by World Water Day!

Tell us, what are you doing for World Water Day? Share your comments, stories and any water-related pictures with us on Facebook.