Small Drills for Quicker Sampling

Geotechnical engineers don’t have time to wait around for someone else to conduct their soil sampling tests, and, with a compact drill, they don’t have to. Compact drills from Lone Star Drills and Little Beaver are easy to use for gathering quick, clean samples. Adding them to your toolkit can help you boost efficiency, accomplish work with limited space and enhance profitability.

Soil Sampling Tools for Greater Efficiency

LST1G+HDA Tracked Soil Sampling RigSoil sampling tasks, whether for geotechnical or standard penetration rate tests, often involve a wide range of soil types, from sandy terrain to solid rock formations. Such variations demand a drilling rig that effortlessly conquers all obstacles. Larger augers, such as our Big BeaverLST1G+ or LST1G+HD, drill as deep as 100 feet. This equips engineers to rapidly collect multiple soil samples at various depths. For instance, making quick analyses to determine pier depth is crucial for new construction on buildings of all sizes, including vastly expansive structures like hospitals and shopping malls. In addition to helping the bottom line, owning a compact drill provides the flexibility to perform tests at your own convenience.

Tackling the Tight Spots

LST1A mounted drillAccessing projects in tight, constrained areas can be impractical with large soil sampling rigs. Lone Star Drills manufactures soil sampling drills as narrow as 26 inches to easily get through confined areas without damaging turf or needing to remove obstacles such as fencing. We have units as light as 730 pounds, including attachments. This means soil sampling equipment can be easily transported through weight-restricted areas from city streets to county roads.

Cut Costs, Boost Profits

Compact drills yield a high return on investment by saving geotechnical engineers the trouble of subcontracting soil sampling tests. They are cost-effective to purchase and operate. For example, if a technician charges $3,000 per sample project and a quality compact drill costs $20,000-$30,000, the engineer could recover their investment in as little as six months.

A Quality Investment

Choosing to invest in a compact drill should involve collaborating with an experienced manufacturer who can assist in selecting the right drill for the job, conduct testing, offer product training and perform maintenance post-purchase. To learn more about compact soil sampling drills, check out our soil sampling page or give us a call at 936-327-3121.